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Designing Corner

The design process involves out-of-box thinking and producing stunning visuals. Design is about understanding and addressing your business’s needs and delivering a fitting solution. Therefore comprehensive research provides the building block to any project.
From local business start-ups to established brands, we can tailor a design to suit your budget and your vision, utilising the latest technology and industry best practises.
Our graphic design services include website design, business cards, logo design and branding, brochures, adverts and business stationery.

Designing services

Website Theme Designing

Great design is the gateway to great customer response and with their wealth of experience and undeniable talent, our Design team will produce you a website design that is aesthetically appealing and functionally capable so that you can stand out of the crowd.
As an upcoming web design company in the UK we provide services to develop bespoke and user-friendly websites that that deliver quality not only to your business but to your customers too.
We will design and build a powerful and effective website for your business which will grow your company's presence and performance on the web.

Corporate Identity Designing

Never underestimate the power of branding. If you are a new company we can help you choose the best name for your organisation and register domain names.
Branding can seem like a mystery, but it is the simplest and best way of highlighting your products/services and keeping you ahead of the competition.
With millions of companies on the web already, corporate identity is vital for any business, which helps you stand apart from your competition.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
We consider your brand identity in every detail - from the overall concept, to its consistent application across all of our design work. It begins with the theme of the design, and is followed through colour palette, typographic style & fonts, photographic style etc and with final implementation.
Why re-brand?
Established companies and organisations find that revitalising their brand can help them focus on their core business and breathe new life into everything they do. We do offer different re-branding packages.

Logo Designing

Your logo is the single most and the powerful identity for your brand. A good logo design instantly connects with the customer and provides a face to the name.
Without a logo your customers will easily forget that you exist, as they are not reminded of your presence in a visual and stimulating way. At E-Serve, we provide following types of logo:
Textual Logo
Image Logo
Textual + Image Logo

Business Cards Designing

Business card is the most important tool for marketing your business. A good business card contains precise yet enough information to make powerful connect with your customer. We provide different theme based card designs to our clients at very lower rates as compared to the market.
Business cards can also help to enhance the image of a company as well as the personal image of a business person.

Brochures & Flyers Designing

Brochure and Flyer designing are very important off-line marketing tools. Portraying the message of an organization by using readable fonts, attractive images and clear message should be the sole objective of brochure designers. The purpose of brochures and flyers is not only to advise the customer about the products or services you offer, but also to highlight the fact that you offer exceptional solutions than your competitors. E-Serve Consultancy’s approach to brochure and flyer design revolves around these concepts and the inputs of customer.

Letterheads, Labels and Compliment Slips Designing

A professionally designed stationary is must for the credibility of a business. Hence an investment in stationery design will pay off interests every time you hand out your business card and every time you send a letter or compliment slips to customers.
Whether custom designed letterheads, compliment slips or envelopes, business stationery is a key marketing tool, so the stationery design is integral to the impression you project to your customers. Clean and professional looking stationery design is a chance to exceed expectations and impress new clients. It also helps to form a lasting impression in the minds of customers.
Compliment slips are very important for communication - and as your customers are the keystone of your business success, so you would like to make it a priority to get the communication spot on.
The key to a successful compliment slip design is remembering its purpose. We understand your business, your customers and how you will be using your compliment slips to come up with appropriate design.

Corporate Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have also become a very important marketing tool. The use of corporate greeting cards is to communicate, connect and express your emotions, your care, and thoughts for your customers. The Stationary industry is around 37 billion dollars. The greeting card business increased to over 10 billion dollars in 2007.
The corporate greeting cards are used to thank customers after a sale of products or services. They may be sent just as a gesture on festivals and special occasions as well. They may also be used to thank the customer who referred business to another company.
Greeting card adds a personal touch which helps differentiate your business from your competitors.

Business Processes or Diagrams Designing

Every business has its set processes which they want to follow and get documented as well. These may be in the form of diagrams or flowcharts and can be used for user manuals, training documents, websites, posters or any presentations. At E-Serve, we understand your requirements carefully and create valuable assets for your company’s documents as well as for online resources.

Why Choose E-Serve Consultancy
  • E-Serve Consultancy offers excellent service in design, development, consulting and marketing of your website and web applications.
    We are a small company which offer strong relationship with their clients. We strive to offer the best solution with quality for your business and impartial suggestions at a fair price.
    We are committed to our work and we bring same level of enthusiasm and commitment to yours. Our work is valuable to us and nothing makes us happier than a fully satisfied client. If you want a trusted IT partner who cares about your business choose E-Serve and we would like to work with you. Simply call or contact us via our contact form.
How Much Will My Site Cost?
  • We strongly recommend you to provide us as much detail about your project as possible. It is advisable to provide details about the type of business you are into and about your target audience. We aim to design the site with which your target customers can connect easily. After all, your website is your ambassador for your business to the outside world. Freezing requirements and functionalities before start of project will help you to get correct cost estimate of the project. Different levels of functionality have different costs attached to it owing to the programming time involved with your requirements. If the requirements are clear and frozen before start of the project, the time and cost will be less as compared to the projects with changing requirements.